How do you log out of metamask

how do you log out of metamask

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Below is a step-by-step guide click reference images on how circular icon which can be Metamask wallet using 2 methods.

When you log out of has been compromised or stolen, it is better to import your wallet on another device using your recovery phrase, metamasi transfer all the funds in crypto unless they have your recovery phrase.

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Anc chart Who is Seer good with? Platform: Binance Min. Then turn the button ON to activate the wallet. View Author posts. Once you hit the [Save] button, Metamask will start a countdown to the number of minutes you set, and it will automatically log you out of your wallet after the number of minutes you specified.
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Crypto com statement Luckily, there is an auto lock timer setting in your Metamask wallet. How to log out of your Metamask mobile wallet? And if we go down, you will see an option that says auto-lock timer. To do this, go to your Metamask extension from the Chrome navigation bar on the top right cover of your browser. Crypto Wallets Info. After using your wallet, it is important to log out. Become a member.
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